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The True2You team attempts to provide helpful, factual answers to your questions about sexual health and lifestyle choices. However, we are not medical professionals and will not provide diagnoses or treatment advice. We encourage you to see your health care provider for any medical concerns.

STD Questions

I had sex before is there a chance I can catch a disease?
Here are the facts. Anytime someone is choosing to be sexually active there is always a chance they could be exposed to an STD. Some STDs do not show immediate symptoms if contracted. If someone thinks they are having symptoms of an STD they should always go and get tested to find out. Now remember, even though someone has chosen to be sexually active they can also choose Renewed Abstinence which is making a conscious decision for themselves to no longer participate in sexual activity. We know Abstinence is 100% safe and effective and will not put anyone participating in this at risk for an STD or Teen Pregnancy.
Can you get Herpes and other STDs from masturbation?
Masturbation is the stimulation or arousal of the genital area either performed by the individual or someone else. We know that if a person is participating in mutual masturbation (Masturbation between two people) they could be at risk for an STD because of skin to skin contact. There are some effects that could occur from masturbation (either personal or mutual). Masturbation is highly addictive, and can damage your ability to have a healthy sexual relationship with another human being in the future. It can also lead to a twisted view of the opposite sex, which may play out in harmful ways. Masturbation is still a form of sexual activity even if it does not always include a partner.
Can you get herpes from drinking after someone?
This question is a very common question with a not so simple answer. Technically, can you contract herpes from drinking after someone with herpes in their mouth? YES. Herpes cannot live outside of the body for very long so the likely hood of this happening is not great but, it is possible. Remember there are two different types of this STD: HSV-1(commonly caused fever blisters) and HSV-2(which is native to the genital area). Either type can live in the mouth and be transmitted through saliva.
What is a urinary tract infection? Is it a STD?
Your urinary tract is the system that makes urine and carries it out of your body. It includes your bladder and kidneys and the tubes that connect them. When germs get into this system, they can cause an infection. Most UTIs are bladder infections. Antibiotics are the typical treatment for a UTI. I would encourage you to contact your doctor if you are experiencing UTI symptoms.


Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) may cause UTI-like symptoms, such as pain with urination. This is due to the inflammation and irritation of the urethra or vagina that is sometimes associated with chlamydia and other STDs. If untreated, STDs can lead to serious long-term problems, including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and infertility. Unlike UTIs, STDs are contagious. The only way for 100% prevention of STDs is to practice abstinence.

Is it possible to have herpes but not have been involved sexually, and do you have to have herpes to have fever blisters?
Herpes type 1 is commonly known as a fever blister. This is something that is common and does not mean the person with Type 1 has had sexual contact. Someone could contract type 1 just by drinking after someone or even kissing someone with type 1 living in and around their mouth. Again a fever blister is the same thing as Type 1 herpes. It is very common and someone could contract this in and around their mouth by exchanging the bodily fluid, saliva, even by kissing or sharing something that contains saliva, like a drink.
Are fever blisters considered Type 1 Herpes?
Fever blisters on the mouth can be type 1 or 2 (type 2 blisters can occur on the mouth if it has been exposed to type 2 and type 1 can occur on the genitals if they have been exposed)
Can STDs go to a Boy or a Girl?
Yes, STDs can be transmitted by anyone participating in sexual activity or exchanging any of the four bodily fluids (blood, saliva, seminal fluid, or vaginal fluid). 19 million new infections occur each year in the USA alone and the STDs do not discriminate between your gender, ethnicity, race, etc. Anyone who participates in sexual activity is at risk.
Can you get STDs from tongue kissing?
Yes, anytime you are exchanging fluid with someone (in the case of tongue kissing, saliva), there is the chance that an STD can be transferred. If someone has open sores in their mouth from an STD like Herpes or HIV/AIDS, there is a higher chance that an STD can be transferred, but in many cases an STD can even be transferred by saliva without any indication of an outbreak.


Bottom line is, when you are thinking about kissing someone, you have to ask the question: where has this mouth been? If you do not know the answer, then it would probably be safe to say that you should refrain from kissing that person! Tongue kissing can also quickly lead to different types of sexual activity, so if you are not ready to have sex with someone, you should think carefully before you get into heavy kissing with them.

If u have an STD will anything go wrong with your baby?
STDs are very serious if a woman is pregnant. A pregnant woman with an STD can infect her baby before, during, or after the babys birth. The consequences of an STD can be significantly more serious, even life threatening, for a woman and her baby if the woman becomes infected with an STD while pregnant. She may also have early labor or early rupture of the membranes surrounding the baby in the uterus. Pregnant women should ask their doctors about getting tested for STDs.
Can you get an STD by touching your own genitals, but you have never had sex before?
Although you will not catch an STD by touching your own genitals (or in other words, masturbating), it is important to know that masturbation has many other negative long-term physical and psychological effects that you may not be aware of. Masturbation is highly addictive, and can damage your ability to have a healthy sexual relationship with another human being in the future. It can also lead to a twisted view of the opposite sex, which may play out in harmful ways. Physically speaking, it can cause a number of different problems, include ED (Erectile Disfunction). If you are struggling with this issue, it may be helpful to seek advice from someone you trust, or possibly even a professional counselor.
How can I get an STD?
In the United States about 19 million new infections occur each year. These diseases do not care how old you are, what you look like or how much money you have. They will infect guys and girls of all backgrounds. But almost half of new infections are among young people ages 15 to 24. African-American women have especially high rates of infection. You can get an STD by having intimate sexual contact with someone who already has the infection. You can not tell if a person is infected because many STDs have no symptoms. But STDs can still be passed from person to person even if there are no symptoms. STDs are spread during vaginal, anal, or oral sex or during genital touching. For example, some STDs (such as Herpes and HPV) can be caught by touching the infected areas of someones body and then touching your own genitals (private parts). So it is possible to get some STDs without having intercourse. Not all STDs are spread the same way. As with many other diseases, prevention is key. It is much easier to prevent STDs than to treat them. The only way to completely prevent STDs is to abstain from all types of sexual contact.
Can herpes live on your hands?
Yes, any direct contact with a person infected with herpes can cause herpes to live on your hands. Herpes and HPV are transmitted by skin to skin contact. For example, if a person touched their hands on another person’s genital area that was infected with herpes, that person may contract herpes on their hands. Genital herpes can be transmitted sexually both when symptoms are present and when symptoms are not present.
Can you have a baby when having STDs? If so, what would happen to the baby?
Yes, women who are pregnant can become infected with the same sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as women who are not pregnant. Pregnancy does not provide women or their babies any protection against STDs. The consequences of an STD can be significantly more serious, even life threatening, for a woman and her baby if the woman becomes infected with an STD while pregnant. STDs can be passed from a pregnant woman to the baby before, during, or after the babys birth. Some STDs (like syphilis) cross the placenta and infect the baby while it is in the uterus (womb). Other STDs (like gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis B, and genital herpes) can be transmitted from the mother to the baby during delivery as the baby passes through the birth canal. HIV can cross the placenta during pregnancy, infect the baby during the birth process, and unlike most other STDs, can infect the baby through breastfeeding. A pregnant woman with an STD may also have early onset of labor, premature rupture of the membranes surrounding the baby in the uterus, and uterine infection after delivery. The harmful effects of STDs in babies may include stillbirth (a baby that is born dead), low birth weight (less than five pounds), conjunctivitis (eye infection), pneumonia, neonatal sepsis (infection in the babys blood stream), neurologic damage, blindness, deafness, acute hepatitis, meningitis, chronic liver disease, and cirrhosis. Most of these problems can be prevented if the mother receives routine prenatal care, which includes screening tests for STDs starting early in pregnancy and repeated close to delivery. (Center for Disease Control- Pregnancy & STDs)
Can I get more than one STD?
Yes. If you’re single and sexually active (genital contact, intercourse, exchange of saliva), you run the risk of catching multiple STDs at one time. In fact, if you’ve already gotten one STD and continue to be sexually active, you’re more likely to catch another STD, since your body’s immune system has been weakened. It’s also important to remember that the majority of sexually active single people who are are infected with STDs don’t know it. Most STDs will show no symptoms, causing the person to be unaware that they have them.
How can a person get crabs?
Pubic lice (crabs)are parasitic insects that can be found attached to hair in the pubic area but sometimes are found on coarse hair elsewhere on the body (for example, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, mustache, chest, armpits, etc.). Pubic lice survive by feeding on human blood and are usually spread through sexual contact. Also, it is important to know that crabs can also be passed through bed sheets, sharing clothes or towels. Both over-the-counter and prescription medications are available for treatment of pubic lice infestations.


What happens to a girl who gets raped? What should she do?
Rape is forced sexual intercourse, including vaginal, anal, or oral penetration. Penetration may be by a body part or an object. Sexual assault is unwanted sexual contact that stops short of rape or attempted rape. This includes sexual touching and fondling. It is important to remember that this is not your fault. There are several steps a rape victim should take: First, find a safe place. Second, call the police. Third, reserve all evidence (1. Do not bathe, wash your hands, brush your teeth, eat, or smoke. 2.If you are still in the location at which the crime occurred, do not clean or straighten up or remove anything. 3.Write down all the details you can recall about the attack and the perpetrator). Fourth, seek medical care as soon as possible. Even if you do not have any visible physical injuries, you may be at risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease and women may also be at risk for pregnancy. Healing from all of this takes time and it is very important to seek that help. Remember, anyone can be a victim of rape. North Carolina law on statutory rape- First-degree rape is sexual intercourse with a victim under age 13 when the actor is at least age 12 and at least four years older. Consentual or non consentual, statutory rape or sexual offense of person age 13, 14, or 15 is intercourse with someone at least four or more years older. For more information on this subject check out www.rainn.org
There is a guy, who is a friend, and he is always asking to see my body. I do not want to. What should I tell him and still keep us being friends?
Friend, may I encourage you with this thought: you are valuable….your body is valuable! Truly, this guy does not have respect for you, but rather he is letting his hormones drive him. Our bodies and brain are wired to enjoy sex/sexual activity. God created us to be this way and He tells us very clearly that this ultimate satisfaction is in marriage. Outside of that it is destruction! If you choose to share intimate parts of your body with this guy, please understand this will give him only temporary pleasure and he will then move on to seek that in someone else. Praying you will see how truly beautiful and valuable you are!
What is the best way to prevent from being peer pressured into sex?
What a great question! We know that some studies suggest that 1 in 3 students will feel some sort of peer pressure to participate in sexual activity. Peer pressure is something that is hard to get away from, but it is very important to guard yourself from. Our advice to you would be to encourage you to choose your friends and relationships wisely and think about who the consequences will effect.


We know there are two types of peer pressure- Negative and Positive. Find a peer group, and if you choose to date, find someone that has the same values as you and will be the positive peer pressure that we all need. Secondly, establish your own values and be BOLD about them! This is important because if you are firm in what you stand for and you are proud about what you stand for most people will know that you are not giving in. Also, become the leader. You can be the one pressuring people to make healthy decisions. Tell your friends the effects that sexual activity can have on people and that you are choosing to live a sexually healthy lifestyle!


Finally, remember this, if someone is pressuring you about sex they do not really care about you. Ask yourself these questions: If someone is pressuring me into sex or to have sex will they have to deal with the consequences? Will they have to worry about my emotions, STDs, or a pregnancy? Do they really care about me or just my body and pleasure? Your decisions affect you and people who pressure you will not feel the effects of the consequences. So remember again, if your peers are pressuring you they must not respect your opinions and thoughts, they must only care about themselves. Be TRUE to yourself and we have found that if people know up front what you stand for they will usually respect that! Stay TRUE!

If you have touched someones private area are you still a virgin?
Abstinence is defined as saving sexual activity for marriage. I would encourage you to ask this question, “Is touching someones genital area practicing abstinence?” Anytime genital contact is involved, a person is not practicing abstinence and is putting themselves at great risk for sexually transmitted diseases.


The surest way to avoid infection with any sexually transmitted disease is to practice sexual abstinence (abstain from any sexual contact, including oral sex) while unmarried.

What is Masturbation?
Masturbation is the stimulation or arousal of the genital area either performed by the individual or someone else. We know that if a person is participating in mutual masturbation (Masturbation between two people) they could be at risk for an STD because of skin to skin contact. There are some effects that could occur from masturbation. Masturbation is highly addictive, and can damage your ability to have a healthy sexual relationship with another human being in the future. It can also lead to a twisted view of the opposite sex, which may play out in harmful ways. Masturbation is still a form of sexual activity even if it does not always include a partner.
If you have had genital contact are you still a virgin?
Genital Contact is any vaginal, anal, or oral contact which we know is not abstinent behavior. If someone is participating in genital contact we know that they could be putting themselves at risk for either an STD or in some cases a pregnancy. Shedding STDs are diseases that all it takes is skin to skin contact for someone to become infected. Abstinence is the only proven 100% safe and effective way not to contract an STD or become pregnant.
What do you think about having sex at a young age?
Having sex outside of a committed, monogamous relationship (ie marriage) at any age can be dangerous, leading to unplanned pregnancy and STDs. When thinking about sex, the issue of age is not so much a factor as the issue of commitment. If you wait to have sex until you are in college, but still are having sex outside marriage, you run just as much of a risk of getting pregnant or catching an STD. Ideally, you would not just be waiting to have sex until you reach a certain age, but until you reach the point that you can remain faithful to one other person in a forever relationship.


This might sound overwhelming, but when you consider the long-term emotional and physical effects of sex, it is clear that this is no small decision. You definitely will not regret taking your time to make sure you are ready. Do not let anyone make you feel pressured into making this decision that is ultimately up to you. While your peers and social media might make you feel as if everyone is having sex, the truth is actually that over half of high schoolers are waiting to have sex.

Is losing your virginity to a "friend with benefits" a bad idea?
Friendships and sex have been around since the beginning of time, but it is our generation that puts them into the same phrase and the same bedroom. Our bodies are created to start bonding within 20 seconds. Your body can not tell the difference between cuddling with your boyfriend and cuddling with a friend while watching a movie. Your heart can not tell the difference between sharing intimate secrets with the sexy new friend or your spouse. Trust, attachment and intimacy build with or without our permission. This is why it is so incredibly important to set physical and emotional boundaries before we get into something it hurts to get out of.


Consider the repercussions of programming your body to trust someone you should not. To be vulnerable with someone you know will cause pain in the withdrawal phase. You were created for hot, passionate sex. You were created to be connected to one person, without ever going through withdrawal. You were created for whole, healthy friendships unscarred by broken or inappropriate intimacy.


But more than that, you were created to experience unconditional, committed love. When we compromise emotional and physical intimacy before commitment (whether or not we intend to), we sabotage ourselves. And it hurts. Badly. Either now, later or both.


The myth of “friends with benefits” programs us to believe intimacy does not last, love is selfish, desire exists for you and only matters in the right now. But Gods definition of love is always sacrificial and will always be around.

If a boy ask 4 sex over and over and over again should i because he starting 2 get on my nerves. what should i do?
First of all, it sounds to me like this boy has no respect for you and your body. One of the most difficult parts of choosing to be sexually abstinent until marriage is learning how to deal with situations where sex is all your friends and peers are talking about. Here are some common pressure lines that you may have already heard. It is important to think through our responses to these lines.


1. Everybody is doing it. 2. Show me you love me. 3. But, I LOVE you! 4. Please let me share this with you. 5. I will stop whenever you say. 6. If you loved me, you would prove it by doing it with me. 7. I will break up with you if you do not have sex with me. 8. Nothing will happen. I promise. 9. Sex is not a big deal. 10. It is OK, I have a condom. 11. What are you waiting for? 12. You mean you are still a virgin? What are you prude? 13. I will love you forever. 14. It will strengthen our relationship. 15. No one will find out about this. 16. But I have done it with everyone I have ever been in a relationship with. 17. If you do not have sex with me, I will find someone who will. 18. I have been tested and I am clean.


The choices you make today will affect your future. There is no right or wrong way of saying no to sex. As long as you make it clear that you are not ready. Be assertive. Remember, its your choice!

Is it ok to wear two condoms when having sex?
Using two condoms at the same time is not a preventative method for pregnancy or STDs. In fact, wearing two condoms can increase friction, making them more likely to tear or rip. The only way to fully prevent pregnancy or STDs is to save sex for marriage! Trust me, it is well worth it!


Can a girl get pregnant if she has never had her period before?
It is possible for pregnancy to occur before a girl starts her first period. Getting pregnant is related to ovulation. Because a girl can ovulate before having her first period, it is possible to become pregnant before beginning to menstruate. Any time a girl has sex, she has the potential to get pregnant. Pregnancy should not be the only concern about having sex, any time you have sex, especially unprotected sex, you run the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. The only 100% way is to be true to yourself and live a lifestyle of abstinence.
What are the hours for the Pregnancy Care Center?
For our hours and service information visit our website at www.pregnantneedanswers.com or call us at 252-446-2273.
What is the percentage of someone getting pregnant the first time they have sex?
There is no known percentage for this. However, we do know that if someone is choosing to be sexual active, they are always at risk for pregnancy. The risk is no smaller if it is the first time or the 10th time. Choosing an abstinent lifestyle is the only 100% prevention from pregnancy.
If i take a morning after pill the next day i have sex will it prevent me from getting pregnant?
The morning after pill, just like all other birth controls (pill, ring, patch etc.) are not considered prevention from teen pregnancy because they do not work 100% of the time. They can reduce the risk of pregnancy but will not eliminate the risk. They also offer NO form of protection from sexually transmitted diseases. The only 100% form of prevention from teen pregnancy and/or STDs is Abstinence. Abstinence is making the choice not to participate in ANY sexual activity until marriage. This is the only form of prevention from pregnancy or STDs.
If you get pregnant as a teen is that a sin, and is that person truly hated?
I will first start by answering the first part of this question, “If you get pregnant as a teen is that a sin?” The first thing we will do is assume the teen is not married. If in fact the teen is not married, we know that the pregnancy itself is not sin but the sexual activity that caused the pregnancy is.


So, the baby on the way is a gift from God. We are not saying the baby is the sin or hated we LOVE EVERY BABY because they are all a gift from God. With that said, let’s focus on the action that caused the pregnancy.


If a teen that is not married participates in sexual activity, yes, that is a sin. According to 1 Corinthians 6 the Bible tells us to flee from sexual immorality. Throughout scripture the Bible tells us clearly to not participate in sexual immorality and in this instance sexual activity before marriage is considered sexual immorality. So, that leads me to the next part of this question, “is that person truly hated?”


Absolutely NOT! The person is not hated at all, God loves us all because we are his creation (Psalms 139:13). In Genesis 3 we see the fall of man and at that point we all have a sin nature about us and God knows that. That is why he sent his Son Jesus to this world to live a perfect and sinless life and die on the cross for our sin (John 3:16). So the sin of sexual immorality, Jesus died so that sin is forgiven. Does that give us permission to sin? No Philippians 1:27 tells us to live worthy of the Gospel which means live according to Gods Word and to a standard of higher living. Yes we will fall short and sin, but Jesus already covered those sins also.


So, do not live thinking you are ever HATED. Yes, people may act like that, but Jesus never will, He loves you and desires that you know Him. We at the PCC also never will hate. We will love and embrace everyone, all the time, no matter what the circumstance!

Can a girl get pregnant from oral sex?
No, it is not possible to get pregnant from oral sex alone. Sperm must get into the vagina and eventually up through the cervix into the uterus. While getting pregnant is not a possibility with oral sex, getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, warts, herpes, and HPV is. Waiting for sexual activity until marriage means you are protecting what is important to you: your goals, dreams, education, success, future, and body. Stay True!
How old can a girl be to get pregnant?
Sex is not like driving or voting, there is no specific age at which it can happen. If you are a girl and you are having sex, regardless of your age, you can get pregnant. Age is not a reliable way of determining if a guy is able to get a girl pregnant.


For pregnancy to happen, the females egg must be fertilized by the male’s sperm and attach itself to the lining of the uterus.

If you had sex and the condom does not break, could you still be pregnant?
Yes. According to the American Pregnancy Association, even if a condom is used correctly, it has a failure rate of 14-15% when it comes to pregnancy. Plus, even if the condom did break or have a hole in it, you probably would not know until after having sex, if ever. Using a condom may reduce your risk of getting pregnant, but it definitely does not completely protect you from an unplanned pregnancy. If you think there is any chance that you could be pregnant, it is important to schedule a visit with your doctor in order to see what is going on.
Can I get pregnant even if we use a condom?
YES. Condoms can break, tear, leak, have a hole in them, which means you could get pregnant. According to the Center for Disease Control, condoms have a 12-30% failure rate in preventing pregnancy. This means if you had a hundred kids in your class, thirty of you could be condom babies. That is a crazy thought! Not only are we concerned about pregnancy, but there are certains STDs (such as HPV and Herpes) that can be spread even if a guy is wearing a condom consistently and correctly. Truth be told, there are some real physical dangers to having sex outside of marriage, but the emotional risks are just as severe. Abstinence until marriage is the only guarantee of not worrying about getting pregnant.
Could I get pregnant from having anal sex?
Pregnancy cannot occur from the act of anal sex, but because the vaginal opening and the anus are very close together, there is the chance that sperm could leak into the vagina and travel to fertilize an egg. Sperm are able to enter the vagina when ejaculation or pre-ejaculation occurs inside or near the vagina. During anal sex, ejaculation occurs in the anus — which is not connected in any way to the female reproductive tract (i.e., vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes). But any time semen comes in contact with the vagina, such as by dripping from the anus during anal sex, there is a possibility of becoming pregnant. (American Pregnancy Association)


A much bigger worry than pregnancy, though, is sexually transmitted diseases. Not only can people get STDs from anal sex, the risk of getting an STD like HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) is even higher with anal sex than vaginal sex since the lining of the rectum is thin and can tear easily. The only way to 100% prevent pregnancy and STDs is to abstain from all types of sexual activity.

Other questions

I am 12 years old and my breasts have not developed yet. When will they start?
First, this is normal. Every girl is created to be unique and different and some girls may have smaller breasts than others. This does not mean something is wrong with you, everyone is just created to be different. Breast buds began to appear during stage two of development. This stage could happen anywhere between the ages of 8-14 for the average female. When the body starts to produce a large amount of estrogen, this is when the puberty process will begin. This process is different for every girl. After the breasts buds appear, the breasts will then begin to become rounder and fuller and this could happen anywhere between the ages of 9-15. Again, every girl’s journey through puberty will look different because we were created that way!
Is it normal for your vaginal area to have scent even though you haven't started your period?
Naturally, your vaginal area will have a mild scent. However, the scent may become stronger if you sweat while exercising, playing sports etc. Typically, 6-12 months before a girl starts her period, she will begin to see a white vaginal discharge. This discharge may be seen while using the bathroom or in her underwear throughout the day. Vaginal discharge is a clear, whitish fluid that comes out of the vagina and it could have a mild scent.
Do you have any tips for combating ovulation pain and does this mean I may have a disease affecting my ovaries?
Obviously, if someone is experiencing pain this could be an indicator that there is an issue. If this is the case, this should be discussed with a medical provider (ie. Pediatrician, Gynecologists, Family Doctor etc.). There is also menstrual cramping that is a normal part of the female’s period cycle. Below are a few tips to help with this. 1. Place a heating pad or warm washcloth on lower back or abdomen. 2. Take a warm bath. 3. Avoid foods that contain alot of caffeine and/or salt. 4. Rest when needed. 5. Girls who exercise regularly are also said to have less menstrual cramping. So stay active!
It is not anything physical but it is hurtful when the bullies are mean to me. What should I do about things like being more confident and getting rid of bullies?
Bullying is a huge problem that will affect 13 million students this year whether it is in the classroom, sports team, or outside of school there are good ways we can respond if we are being verbally abused. The one sure thing is that no one EVER deserves to be bullied, and if someone is being bullied they have a right to be safe.


So what can you do if you are being bullied?


1.Know That You Are Not Alone. Begin taking control back by talking to a parent or an adult you can trust about the situation.


2.Be a Self-Advocate. This simply means to speak up for yourself, develop a plan and take action. Think about what you can do in your situation and then make a plan. Think about what help you need to gain control in this situation, include what would you like to change, and how you can change things.


3. Unite with other friends who are willing to take a stand against bullying.

Where can I get help in Rocky Mount?
If this question is in regards to a pregnancy test or testing for sexually transmitted diseases the Pregnancy Care Center (located on Sunset Avenue) offers free and confidential help for women regarding these two services. Please feel free to call us at 252-446-2273 or visit our website at www.pregnantneedanswers.com
Girls Only Question: What can a girl do to ease period cramps?
Here a few suggestions for relief from menstrual cramps. I suggest you ask your mom or older sister what do they do.


1. Place a heating pad or warm washcloth on lower back or abdomen.


2. Take a warm bath.


3. Avoid foods that contain alot of caffeine and/or salt.


4. Rest when needed.


5. Girls who exercise regularly are also said to have less menstrual cramping. So stay active!