• Over 750,000 teens become pregnant each year.1
  • Over 80 girls 19 and under every hour of the day find out they are pregnant.2
  • 82% of teen pregnancies are unplanned.2 
  • 50% of teen moms drop out of high school.3
  • 1 in 4 sexually active teens are already infected with an STD3
  • Six in ten teens who have had sex say they wish they would have waited.1
  • The U.S. has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the industrialized world.1
  • Though 15-24-year-olds represent only one-quarter of the sexually active population, they account for nearly half of the 20 million new cases of STIs each year. 2
  • 10,000 teens are infected by STIs per day, one every eight seconds!2
  • Some young people, including those who have had abstinence education, consider oral and anal sex to be abstinent behaviors and do not realize these behaviors present risks of STI transmission.3
  • Those who abstain from sex until marriage significantly add to their chance for avoiding problems and finding happiness.4

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